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Flying Penguins

As it turns out, Penguins really CAN fly … the nest anyway. Our very own Lesley is taking flight across the country to a tropical land known as Ladner, British Columbia, where she’ll be whiling away the hours on her brand new house boat!

No, she’s not flying the coop - as in she’s not leaving this Rogues gallery we’ve assembled. Rather, she’ll be setting up our bi-coastal offices and we’ll be expanding into new markets and growing our presence all across the country. That’s right, we’re goin’ coast-to-coast baby!

Where we Work

One of the key tenets of Rogue Penguin was that we don’t do traditional. Specifically, we’re available at all kinds of hours and we work remotely, which means we’re always in touch with our clients whether we’re in St. John’s, British Columbia … or the bath.

So what does this mean?

We’re gonna just keep swimming, as Dory says, but with a little help from some friends. You’ll be seeing some new faces around here, including client management superstar Julia Farrell and possibly some others as well.

(We’ll tell you all about Julia in the coming weeks, but we’re confident she’s going to add some spice to our sauce.)

The Long Goodbye

While Lesley may be a bit further away, she's going to be hands-on and close to all our hearts.

OMG, I’m not crying you’re crying!

Seriously tho, our clients are always our number one priority and no move will ever change that. So join us in wishing Lesley and easy move and a lifetime of happiness in her new house(boat).

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