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Portfolio Spotlight: Frosty Festival

What do you get when you mix a mountain of snow, a top-hatted mascot, and a healthy dose of nostalgia? For us, it’s the Frosty Festival.

While, I’m not originally from Mount Pearl, I get the love for the annual Frosty Festival. Growing up in Bay Bulls we had a similar, albeit smaller, winter festival with sliding, snow-sculpture contests, bonfires, pond skating, and a bunch of other deadly ol’ activities for kids and families. I have vivid memories driving to the sliding event with my trusty GT Racer with greased up skis for maximum danger, singing Mel Blanc’s “The Hat I Got For Christmas is Too Big,” as only a kid could.

I suspect that’s the feeling most kids get as the annual Frosty Festival rolls around here in my adopted home of Mount Pearl. It’s that feeling that makes these kinds of community events so special and why we’re so honoured to get the chance to make the event come to life, and keep the tradition going!

Plus, and this is the most important thing, you know Frosty (with that sweet hat) would hang out with Moody and his badass eye patch. They’re basically BFF’s.

Updating the Look

For this years Frosty Festival we wanted to keep the fun look, but brighten the look a little: More bold and colourful, like a box of Fruit Roll-Ups but instead of sugar comas, it’s winter fun!

Making everything bolder and more colourful was one thing, but we didn’t want to reinvent a perfectly good wheel. The illustration style and the colour washes still look great, and we kept it because it’s attention-grabbing and maintains the consistency of the Frosty Fest. That and Frosty’s knowing wink and grin, but that’s for the parents.

Get Out and Play

So with the big wintertime Mount Pearl festival dedicated to the cheeky Frosty the Snowman just around the corner, we hope you’re noticing all the billboards, and social media ads letting you know where all the fun is to be had. That and to make sure all the sponsors know we love them, you beautiful businesses of support and cash. Without you and your money, the kids would be still in on those damn video-internet-game machines.

In all seriousness though, go check out the hockey games, attend the “Frosty Oscars,” take your kids skating and sledding. There’s not enough community fun times anymore. The kids growing up in Bay Bulls won’t have the same awesome memories as I do, but the kids in Mount Pearl will. Get out there and have fun!

Shameless Plug

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