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Welcome to the Waddle

Nearly eight years ago, when I was working at the St. John’s Board of Trade, Alisha met a charming British man who had just joined the Ambassador Program. Stu Greenoff was working for the Newfoundland Chocolate Company at the time, and it was his volunteer job to welcome new members, make introductions at networking events, and to generally get people excited about being a Board of Trade member. Boy, was he good at it!

Stu is a natural salesperson and was so welcoming and friendly, he quickly became a favourite face at each event. Alisha and Stu would chat and catch up about lives and work and became fast friends.

Got the Goods

A few years went by and Stu had started his job with Destination St. John’s, selling our city as a destination for conferences and events. He was great at it! Stu and Alisha caught up - oddly at a Board of Trade event - where he learned all about Rogue Penguin Creative. He was impressed and genuinely excited for our team.

Around the same time last year, when we were working with the MerB’ys, Sid and Stu met for the first time. Stu was an OG MerB’y and mental health advocate. The two got on like a house on fire and surprisingly, the two found themselves on the same Dungeons & Dragons campaign a mutual friend had launched.

Fate? Destiny? Small Town?

Maybe this was some divine intervention, but in reality it’s likely that there’s only one degree of separation in Newfoundland. When Lesley decided to chase a different dream, Sid reached out to Stu, thinking he’d be a great fit. He instantly replied, “How serendipitous,” which was just hilarious enough for us to be curious about how this would all shake out.

The rest, as they say is history …

Sort of, since it’s actually happening right now. Stu has spent the last two months getting up to speed behind the scenes. He’s been taking in meetings and learning all our processes so when he starts officially today, he’ll be ready to start running!

So what do you need to know about Stu? He’s worked in sales, he builds strong, lasting relationships, he’s creative and super smart. Most of all though, Stu is a good human, who will fit our company culture perfectly, while serving our clients with the same care and insight we do!

We can’t wait for you to get to know Stu like we do. He’s already saying how he’d love to schedule a cup of tea with you, so get in touch and schedule a chat!

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