Wondering if your posts are getting any traction? How do you compare to your competitors? Have no idea what you’re looking for when you click that insights tab in Facebook? Confused by Twitter analytics? You need help, but you don’t even know if your social media presence is working.


Let us audit your social media performance and suggest tactics you can deploy yourself for best results. We have more than a decade’s experience working with social media tactics that convert to leads.  See a sample here!


What you’ll get:

  • An in-depth look at where your social media is, in a visual format you can understand, compared with a similar document, showing where you could be.

  • We’ll provide you a document teaching you about post types, what will work best for your company, and when is the best time to post for your brand.

  • Follow up reports, showing you what’s changed and where you could use a bit more help (at one, three, and six months)

  • At least three campaign idea starters to get you moving towards your specific goals, like newsletter subscriptions, increased sales, or even just brand recognition.

Social Media Audit