Ever wondered whether your website is doing anything for your business beyond sitting on the Internet collecting dust?


We can tell you! We can also tell you exactly what to do to get to the top of search engines, how to improve your user experience, and how to turn your site into a sales funnel that actually works.


We access a number of online evaluation tools and our own experience to evaluate your site and provide you a document outlining your websites shortcomings, as well as one outlining minor, moderate, and major changes to your site, which you can carry out in phases or all at once, on your own or with our help. See a sample here!


What you’ll get:

  • An in-depth overview of your website’s current statistics, possible improvements, and a strategy for implementing them.

  • Technical advice on your website’s code and content management system to improve user experience.

  • Advice on improving accessibility for your site, specifically, how to make it friendly for those with disabilities.

  • In-person advice on improving content for Search Engine Optimization.

  • A training document on how to improve search engine rankings.

Website Audit