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2020 In Review

This year … sucked. I mean, it’s had its ups and downs, but overall as a year 2020 sucked for most of us.

Close To Home

For Rogue Penguin, 2020 was kind of a strange year. We watched two Penguins waddle off into the sunset (We love you still Lesley and Julia!). We welcomed a new nestling into our colony (Hi Stu!). We built a relationship with an incredible new web developer (Chris, you’re a true hero!). We had days - especially early in the pandemic - when we were afraid this business wouldn’t survive. Who needed marketing? Certainly not the toilet paper people!

Green-Eyed Monster to Keeping our Heads Above Water

Further, our business model - so unique to us in the last few years - was now being co-opted by every other agency. What would the new world look like? And then the funding came and we’re overwhelmed with work for a time. Long days and longer nights were plugged before a sudden stability came to us.

The goods and the bads came in equal measure. Our three Penguins lost three beloved pets and one father this year. But through it all, thick and thin, we were together and we did some of our best work. We chose to celebrate the good as much as possible. We were so lucky to have stayed healthy and safe throughout the global chaos.

Positive Vibes

Here is a wrap up of some of our proudest moments in 2020:


Our charitable project this year allowed us to create a brand we put our hearts and souls into. QuadrangleNL will be a physical place where the 2SLGBTQIA+ community of organizations and people can come together and share ideas, stories, programming, and so much more. Branding this organization was a delicate balance and we’re so proud to serve this community well.

Kaizen Theory

This year we helped launch a business designed to make the world a better place - one mindset at a time. Kaizen Theory is the brainchild of Steph Beck, owner of the tremendously successful Platinum Gym in CBS and Torbay. She wanted to create a brand focused on fitness - of both the body and the mind. Steph's been killing it with her ongoing bootcamps and has been creating incredibly uplifting and informative social media. Her website will be published in a few weeks, so look her up!

The Dock+

This British Columbia client was an incredible opportunity to work with an organization offering one of the coolest business models we’d heard of. A commercial kitchen and programming paired to help grow the local food businesses from ingredients to finished products. This awesome project will help Port Alberni’s seafood producers, jam makers, foraged food specialists, and everything in between, to grow and succeed.

Five Days of Giveaways

For Small Business Week we were determined to give back to the small businesses who make our communities great. We bundled up all the resources we’ve created over the years, put a call out on social media, and offered a different giveaway every day. We provided free training sessions, customized reports, and all the resources and ideas we could muster for the people who engaged with us. It was super fulfilling and something we’re going to try to do again and again!

The Gaspesian Way

To say we were surprised to learn there was an English-speaking region in Quebec was an understatement. To learn we were the top of their list of marketing firms was also a shock. But the biggest surprise about working with this amazing crew was how much like home the whole experience felt; from the food, to the people, to the coastline! Everything about The Gaspesian Way felt like visiting Nan around the bay. Granted we were also in an interesting position flying home from Quebec and having to quarantine because the virus was suddenly tearing through that province. Suffice to say we completed this brand, marketing plan, social media strategy, and swag purchase safely from our own homes.

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Newfoundland and Labrador

Writing a person’s story is a challenge, but one we’ve always loved to take on. This year we got to tell the stories of three special individuals positively impacted by the CHHA-NL. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know these lovely people and you can read their stories online here, here, and here.

North Star Payroll

Easily one of the fastest, funnest projects we’ve worked on! Leah Murphy of GET Payroll Solutions - a client from a couple years ago - launched her new payroll software this year marking an amazing expansion in her business. We branded North Star Payroll quickly and made sure it tied in perfectly with the GET Payroll branding. This is only the start of her journey into global accounting domination.

Onward and Upward

These are just a few of the highlights in Rogue Penguin’s 2020. If you weren’t on the list, don’t worry, we’ll be telling more client stories in the new year. While this year may have sucked, it certainly was made better by working with some amazing people on some truly inspiring projects. To all our clients, friends, and family near and far, thank you for choosing to support Rogue Penguin in this crappy year and in the better ones to come.

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