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All I want for Christmas …

So you’ve got a few creatives on your Christmas list and you’re stumped, because who really needs more pencils? And tech has made buying for us creative types an expensive prospect! We’re here to help with the best gifts to give to writers, artists, and the organized, day-to-day operations types!

Strings of street lights, even stoplights Blinkin' bright red and green As the shoppers rush home with their treasures


Lesley’s letter to Santa this year is pretty short. She’d like a weekend trip to a Scandinavian spa or hot springs. It won’t fit under the tree, but who can blame her, right!?! But she’s got some deadly ideas for the creative-minded, do-it-all administrator in your life!

LunchIn offers delicious lunches delivered right to your door!

A Lunch delivery service, like the tasty, perfectly-portioned options from LunchIn is an ideal gift for someone who’s busy and forgets to eat.

A gorgeous phone case, ’cause ya knows they're on their phone all the time.

Shop local and choose one like this from the Fairy Botanist.


For Christmas this year Sid will be getting his very first tattoo! Permanent art on his body, as well as on his mind, is SO appropriate. But you can’t go around handing out tattoos to your designer friends and family, so here are a few other items on every designer’s letter to the North Pole.

Photoshop Keychain

This keychain is a perfect stocking stuffer for a designer and then they can have all the "tools" they need on the go!

A treat for the coffee-is-life designer would be this awesome Wacaco portable espresso machine.

Speaking of being on-the-go, these laptop chargers will help you keep on designing, even when the power outlets at your local coffee shop are being used by hipsters who will deny they’re on Facebook!


All Julia wants for Christmas is time with her loved ones coming home from far away and a stack of poetry books to turn to when she’s in a creative rut. We’re sure this year’s Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards E.J. Pratt Poetry Award winner Alison Dyer’s book I’d Write the Sea Like a Parlour Game from Breakwater Books will be under the tree.

For account managers working from anywhere and everywhere, she’s suggesting a great backpack for the laptop, phone, notebooks and other important files they’ll need at a moments notice! Skip on down to Johnny Ruth

and grab one of these awesome Matt and Nat backpacks, which you can proudly announce are made from recycled bottles!

Nothing is more valuable to an account manager than a solid planner to keep all the details in. Since Bullet Journaling and custom planners are all the rage, toss a few art supplies like washi tape, inexpensive watercolour pencils, and a water brush in your account manager’s stocking and they’ll be singing your praises all year long!


Alisha’s Christmas list is pretty short. All she wants is a quiet Christmas Eve looking at the tree with a glass of her favourite wine and to build Lego sets with her niece and nephew before the turkey is served up. However, she won’t say no to any of these gifts - which are perfect for any copywriter in your life (even if you don’t know what a copywriter does!).

We know the best writers are readers, so reading socks and an impossibly soft, cozy blanket are the perfect gifts for a copywriter looking to spend the holidays curling up with a good book.

Every writer loves a good pen and there’s no better pen (in Alisha’s opinion) than the Pilot G-Tec-C4. A set of these will cost you about $20, but they last forever and they’re the smoothest writing pens for those that love a fine tipped pen. Get them locally at Dicks and Co and they’ll even deliver them the same day for free!


Moody’s easy. We just buy him a crate of fish and let him have at it. He’s also partial to a good single malt whiskey.

If you have penguins in your life, be sure to keep the cod fresh and the water/whiskey cold!

Wrap it Up! We hope this list was helpful for ticking off your holiday shopping for us weird and wonderful creatives. If you have any ideas or gifts you’re giving to writers and graphic designers, get in touch. We promise we won’t spoil the surprise.

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