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Badass Blogging Pt. 2: How the Heck

We were thrilled to have a series of articles about how to be a Badass Blogger appear in the NLOWE Advisor last year and we wanted to share them here too to help you with your blogging presence. Got questions? Get in touch!

You came back! Last time around we taught you why you SHOULD be blogging for business, the next step is obviously HOW. These Penguins got you covered!

Two Types of Writers

There are two types of writers in this world. The first is the person who sits down, pounds on the keyboard and suddenly has 1,200 words about everything and nothing, closes the laptop and never looks at that document again.

The second type is the one who sits and stares at the blank page, unsure what they have to say is of interest or value.

Whichever type you are, we have some great tips to help you get out that first (and 40th) blog posted!

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Our biggest tip for anyone starting to write a blog for the first time is to make a plan. By scheduling your writing time - and breaking it up into chunks - you can really cut the pressure on yourself and on your writing. Here’s our favourite schedule to follow:

Monday • Create a list of topics - Try to be specific. (15 minutes) Tuesday • Outlining - What’s the beginning, middle, and end? (15 minutes) Wednesday • First draft - Fill in the story, add personal details, and a strong call to action at the end. (45 minutes) Thursday • Editing - Check spelling and grammar, add sub headings, find photos, links, etc. (1 hour) Friday • Posting - Get it out there without putting too much pressure on it, you’re going to do this again next week! (15 minutes) Saturday/Sunday • Read other blogs - Reading makes your writing better and helps with Monday’s work. (30 minutes)

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes sitting in front of a blank page - even with a specific topic and an outline - can be rough. We get it, so you need a way to get those thoughts out. We’ve got tips for that too. Here are our best ones:

Use your voice notes app: Record yourself talking through the outline and transcribe it. You can even do this while driving - you’re probably already thinking (or talking aloud) about your business while in the car anyway. Talking is faster than writing and you may find some excellent soundbites in there. Don’t worry, no one else is going to hear it. Unless ...

Use a transcription service like or a virtual assistant: Real people will transcribe your thoughts into a document you can edit later - this will save you time and can be pretty cost effective.

Use Zoom and record video blogs: Again, you’re just talking about your business to a video camera. You can then edit your videos to your outline and post these. Bonus points if you do transcribe them and post the text of the video, too, since a lot of people can’t watch video at work and text ranks better in search engines than video.

Write On!

There you have it! Easy ways to actually get the words on the page and posted to your website. In the next edition of the NLOWE Advisor, we’ll focus on WTF to Write and give you a Perfect Post Checklist so your blogs will always resonate with your audience. Remember, 45% of marketers outsource content creation, so if you need help with your latest series of blog posts, Rogue Penguin has got you covered.

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