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Beagle Branding

Look at that face. Couldn’t you just squish it?

Anyone with a pet knows they become a part of the family almost immediately. They’re like babies - they can’t feed themselves or clean up after themselves, but they repay you for these little favours with so much love.

Hi There, Max!

That cute face is currently snoring. His face on my feet as I write and just the thought of it brings a smile to my face.

Max is my dog and one of the lucky ones. He’s my third dog adopted from Beagle Paws and he never spent a day in an outdoor pen with a frozen water bowl and no human interaction. He just needed a new home.

Tough Beginnings

My first dog wasn’t so lucky. She had a hard life I knew nothing about and came to me with scars on her legs and no understanding of living indoors. It was a quick transition though as all she ever wanted was a full belly and scratches on her backside. Soon, she was refusing to go outside in the rain. But I guess after living outdoors in all conditions, I wouldn’t want to go out in bad weather either.

A Paw Up

So last year, when Rogue Penguin was thinking about what kind of charitable contribution we could make, we thought, “How about Beagle Paws? They do so much good, so let’s help them get some dogs adopted through a cool campaign about senior dogs.”

When we met up with them though, they had more immediate needs. Beagle Paws Rescue has been operating in Newfoundland and Labrador, and throughout Canada - largely quietly and effectively - for 15 years. They’d just celebrated the anniversary and wanted to modernize as the organization changed and evolved.

So we got to work.

Shake Your Tail

We presented Beagle Paws Rescue with a half dozen ideas for a new brand - all modern, beautiful and representing exactly what they do for the community. After a short discussion, and only a few tiny edits, we unveiled the new logo and brand story to the board.

They were thrilled and decided to launch the new brand at Paws for Celebration: Beagle Paws 16th Annual Silent Auction and Dessert Buffet, where the funds raised go to help pay vet bills, food, and housing so many beautiful dogs.

Since 2003, Beagle Paws Rescue has helped nearly 3,000 of these sweet dogs find new homes, far from the horrible conditions they’ve known. As Canada’s largest Beagle rescue group, they have chapters in St. John’s, Alberta, British Columbia, and supporters and adopters everywhere in between.

Join the Pack

We love Beagle Paws Rescue because it’s a true community; a pack who support one another with advice, and often funds for vet services, and so much more. If you’d like to help Beagle Paws Rescue help more dogs, or are considering adopting one of these wonderful dogs, please visit or get in touch with us and we’ll make the connection.

Meanwhile, we’re looking for our charitable project for this year and would love to hear your ideas. Get in touch with us if you have a suggestion or run an organization that could use a little help!

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