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Bringing Some Colour to your Quarantine

You’re inside. You’re bored. You know creativity will keep you occupied and mentally healthy, but you don’t know what to be at. We got you!

Rogue Penguin is best known for our snarky mascot Moody. He’s fed up with quarantine too and so we thought we’d create a way to have a little fun while staying indoors. Download our Kickass Quarantine Colouring book and scribble out your frustrations!

Family-Friendly Fun

Moody's snarkiness isn't exactly family-friendly all the time, so he isn't exactly the best guy to be putting in front of your kids. But you still want to keep them busy while you colour, so we made a child-friendly, not-sweary version of our Quarantine Colouring Book you can download for them too! Just don’t get them mixed up!

Pretty Pictures

OK, you’re done colouring, now what? Share your colouring sheet online and tag us! We want to see what creative choices you’ve made. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll applaud you safely from inside our homes!

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