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Doing Business in Isolation

Penguins are cut out for social distancing … at least we Penguins are! Life has been pretty much normal for us during the coronavirus pandemic because our business was founded on the principle that we don’t need a fancy office building to produce high-quality work. Each of us is accustomed to working from home and, while we normally visit clients often, we’re adept at video conferencing tools and collaborating online to get us through Covid-19. Our clients have always loved how easy this makes things, and how quick the turnarounds can be when you don’t have to juggle an office-load of schedules.

Are you prepared to market during the pandemic?

Business owners, from both big and small operations, have been forced to adapt quickly. What changes have you had to make? If you sell products, have you set up an online shop? Or maybe you’re offering contactless deliveries and pickups?

While they had to close the salon for the time being, The Seahorse Salon in St John’s, NL quickly adapted to help their clients stay gorge in the interim by offering virtual product consultations and deliveries! Brilliant idea.

This is just one example of the innovative ideas entrepreneurs everywhere are coming up with.

What Can You Do?

Here are some smart ideas help you serve your audience during this forced period of adaptation:

If you’ve got an ecommerce shop set up, are you using Facebook’s retargeting ads?

You know when you’re scoping out Amazon and click on a product, then that product shows up on your Facebook ads for the next week? Creepy, right? But brilliant. This is what retargeting ads do - they remind customers they really do want the products they browsed. You can set up ads to remind people of the products they put in their carts but abandoned, or you can send anyone who’s visited your website an ad encouraging them to visit again.

Online Services

If you’re a service provider who can’t sell products online, are you able to provide value through social media to ensure your audience thinks of you first when life returns to normal? For example, I can’t visit my massage therapist right now and I’m feeling it. I’d kill for a livestream where she teaches me some self-massage techniques to help my neck pain!

Ladner Village Physiotherapy, in Delta, BC, has done a great job of providing alternatives. They’re offering virtual physio appointments to support their patients, and they’re even donating part of the proceeds to help us all get through this thang. Nice work!

Get active online!

Social media networking is now more important than ever. Use the tools that are literally at your fingertips. Facebook Groups can be effective tools to get in front of your audience and establish yourself as an expert. You can do this in a couple of ways - by inserting yourself into conversations and starting new ones, and offering educational opportunities. Regardless of whether or not you’re an admin of your fav group, think about ways you can add value. Connect with the group owner to collaborate on a livestream, or ask if you can host one for free as a way of introducing yourself and your knowledge to the group. More often than not, if your offering is valuable with lots of hard-hitting tips the group owner will be thrilled to have you present.

Open for Business

It’s a tough time for businesses, but we know there’s no one more prepared for changing it up quickly than an entrepreneur. And if you need help, or even just an ear, during this tough time, we’re here to support you. Reach out to chat about ways we can help you tactfully market to your audience, and check out our blog for useful marketing tips and tricks.

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