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Finding the Opportunity

Some businesses have built-in virus-proof business models. Rogue Penguin was created for this! There are plenty of stores who were selling online even before the coronavirus stalled the world economy and can continue to operate as long as the postal service does.

Other businesses have to get creative, allowing people to work from home, providing services through technology, and creating delivery methods they’ve never had to use before. There are some awesome businesses who are going Rogue because they have to, and we want to offer creative solutions to you too! At the end of this article we’ll tell you how we’re changing the game again and how you can go Rogue with us, but first let’s celebrate the innovators!

Doing Business in a Global Crisis

CBC recently profiled several new start ups which began during the pandemic, including online funeral services, tele-health for your pet, and even a so-called ghost kitchen for food delivery.

A Florida Man ...

In Florida, an arcade owner was surely out of business as people weren’t allowed to come play his games, right? Nope. He started renting out his arcade games to homes for a weekly or monthly fee. They sanitize the machines, which include pinball and classic video games, deliver them to homes and come back to get them again so another family can have fun and keep busy during lockdowns.

Medical Marvels

Our friends at PolyUnity were making medical simulations for new doctors to learn on when they changed up their business model on a dime. Instead of 3D printing human anatomy, they’re now providing 3D printed face shields to help healthcare workers stay safe while working with Covid-19 patients. Thousands of those face shields have been printed and sent to hospitals and clinics around Newfoundland and Labrador. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also printed adapters for the liquor bottles full of hand sanitizer, which the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation has sent to health care sites around the province.

Twitching for Action

Did you know there are professional video game streamers on a platform called Twitch? If not, you do now and the New York Times is calling this job the most virus-proof in the world. Now with new audiences logging on - because they’re home and quite likely bored - these video gamers are suddenly playing video games with top tier athletes and raking in the cash they previously couldn’t imagine.

The Tough Talk

Now, innovation is hard. It’s harder still when you’re homeschooling your kids, and keeping the household running with once-a-week grocery trips, not to mention the enduring stress of daily news updates and the possibility of getting sick yourself. We’re recommending business owners be cognizant of how much time and energy they have available to put into new projects under these new circumstances. However, if you’re interested in brainstorming some new ways to do business, we’re here for you.

Going Rogue During a Pandemic

Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with your audiences and, if there’s anything to be grateful for during a global pandemic, this is it. We are offering one-hour consultations to help your business see the opportunities available and prepare to get going again during the lockdowns. We have years of experience helping people change their marketing, dealing with crisis communications, and improving sales during the toughest times.

Let us help you now. Visit our Covid Consultations page and let us do a bit of research about your industry and business model. We’ll then schedule a half-hour call with you to outline some pandemic-proof changes you can make and do our best to help you through it. These consultations will be absolutely free and there will be no strings attached. Get ready and Go Rogue.

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