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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. For commercials!

Not sure if you’re the sporting type, but last night the Big Bowl went down. Men threw things, and caught things, a team won! But the Super Bowl is not just a big deal for the sport of it all, and we aren’t talking about the halftime show either (though this year’s was not one to miss)!

Every year, some of the biggest companies on the planet bring their A-Game for a totally different reason … the oh-so coveted, 30-second to one-minute ad spot.

Companies spend astronomical amounts so people around the globe can see their advertisement during the Super Bowl. These ads have become a spectacle themselves over the past number of years, almost always guaranteeing some top-notch material and huge star power. They become our water-cooler talk for days to come following the game’s end.

Didn’t watch? No worries. We rounded up a few of our favourites.

Lesley’s Fav Ads

Lesley loved the Bud Light’s Wassup 2.0 take on their original, already “classic” commercial. You have to admit, if you’re in a position to remix your own commercial and it still lands with consumers, you’re doing alright.

Lesley also loves the “Smaht Pahk” ad from Hyundai. I mean, how can you NOT love an ad with Chris Evans and John Krasinski blasting their best Boston Accents?! Plus the tech is cool!

Alisha’s Fav Ads

Alisha is a HUGE Bill Murray fan (she even has Bill Murray socks!), so she couldn’t get enough of Jeep’s Groundhog Day/Bill Murray commercial. But I mean, who can? Bill Murray can do no wrong.

Alisha’s second favourite ad is the surprisingly-hilarious Jason Momoa for Rocket Mortgage. In it he rips off his signature arms and abs to expose the not-so rippling bod underneath while talking about what “home” means to him. 10/10 would still let him spill a hot beverage on me, am I right ladies?

Sid’s Fav Ads

You best believe that Sid went through EVERY commercial from this year’s ‘Bowl to bring you the best of what was out there this year. The final cut? The Amazon-Ellen combo that nobody realized they needed in their lives until it happened, much like Alexa.This ad also features Ellen’s real-life wife and superstar Portia De Rossi, I mean, come ON.

Sid’s close runner-up was the incredible Doritos stand-off between Lil Nas X and SAM ELLIOT. His moustache tho. End of all endings.

That’s a Wrap (and my faves)

In my not-so-humble opinion, I’m going to have to side with a couple of my co-workers here. My heart has always and will always belong to John Krasinski. His spot in the Hyundai commercial was gold (and yes I’ve been around since day one of The Office. He ages like a fine wine). Second runner up is going to have to be Bill Murray’s Jeep ad. When that man smiles, the world smiles with him.

What were your favs? Disagree with our rankings? Let me hear it!

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