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Portfolio Spotlight: Escape by the Sea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Salty sea breezes, the sound of seagulls hunting their next french fry, campfires under the stars. Sigh. I love Newfoundland getaways.

To say I was excited to work with Escape by the Sea is an understatement. When Kim and Kayla came to us for help building their dream, I couldn’t wait to dive in. This BFF duo had always envisioned colourful cottages dotting the shore in their hometown of Fogo, and in 2019 this slice of paradise came to life.

Fresh on Fogo

What an inspiration these clients are. They live in Fogo Island, one of Newfoundland’s top tourism hubs, where they saw a gap in the accommodations offered. Fogo Island boasts several Airbnbs, as well as a world-class hotel that the Gwenyth Paltrows of the world are flocking to. What it was missing was an Escape by the Sea, an ocean-front cottage resort that’s both luxurious and affordable, tucked away in nature yet still close to the town’s amenities. It was our job to create a beautiful and easy-to-maintain website to show off the picturesque location and cozy cottages. Here’s a preview of what we built.

Check out the full site here - and get your credit card ready, you’re gonna want to book a weekend getaway, guaranteed.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Starting a business is tough, especially when you’re a small team balancing a family and career like these clients are. While custom booking sites for the tourism industry can cost tens of thousands, we came up with a cost-effective solution for Escape by the Sea using the website platform Wix’s hotel features. We were very familiar with the functionality of this platform since our Creative Director Sid’s family owns a B&B and uses this platform to manage their bookings, so we knew it would meet the client’s needs.

Now, Escape by the Sea is in its second tourist season, playing host to many Newfoundlanders looking for a peaceful getaway from the realities of the pandemic. Find out more and book your stay here!

What’s your dream?

Ready to build your dream, too? We’re not just copywriters and graphic designers, we know business. Reach out to talk about consulting and marketing strategy for your new venture. Whether you need help envisioning your dream from the ground up, or want to get the message out, we’re here to help.

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