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Portfolio Spotlight: Shelley Hodge Creative Studios

When Shelley Hodge came to us for rebranding and a new website, I was ecstatic! I’d been ogling her interior design portfolio, and drooling over her recent Airstream RV renovation. Her use of bright yellows and pinks against white and natural wood spoke right to my Pinterest-loving soul, and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

After a #brandingfail with another agency, Shelley was done with not being proud of her business’s image. When she came to us, she even had a complete mood board for the brand she wanted to portray. There was no doubt she was ready for an overhaul!

This project remains one of my favourites we’ve done because we had such interesting internal conversations about the image her brand should portray and, throughout the process, Sid came up with a ton of beautiful options.

In the end, Shelley chose this mid-century modern, chandelier-inspired logo, which was our team’s favourite too! We also collaborated on a new business name, shifting from Shelley Hodge Interiors Inc. to Shelley Hodge Creative Studios, which would allow her much more room to grow into exciting new avenues. (Keep following Shelley online to see what we’re talking about.)

Getting Cozy Online

Next, it was time for a new website that showed off Shelley’s incredible designs and floral work. We wanted to make an inspiring online home to show her clients what their dream space could become, and we also wanted Shelley to be inspired by her own work. She’d been wanting to start blogging and needed a little push. Now Shelley’s pumping out beautiful blog posts on the regular!

With her talented photographer hubby on staff, a slew of bright and bold photos, and a positive attitude, Shelley made it easy for us to create this dynamic design.

With each step in the process, we could see Shelley’s confidence and excitement growing - a major motivator for any marketing team!

We’re proud to show off this website in our portfolio, and I’m always checking out the latest DIY’s and inspo on her blog.

You 2.0

Ready to update your look? Collaborating with business owners to create their 2.0 image is our favourite thing. Get in touch and let’s discuss your timeframes, budget, and style!

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