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Portfolio Spotlight: Shining a Light on Arts & Culture in NL with NQ

Since 1901, Newfoundland Quarterly has been sharing the stories of this province’s culture and heritage. Of course, when you’ve been around that long, you’re constantly working to keep up with the changes in trends and tech, which is why sometimes you need a little help.  

Rogue Penguin recently gave our dear friends at Newfoundland Quarterly a hand with their social media with INCREDIBLE results! 

Of course, we were  building on our existing relationship with NQ Magazine. For the last four years we’ve worked closely with noted author and NQ editor Joan Sullivan on the layout of each of the quarterly editions. We like to think we do a pretty good job and flipping through the pages of each magazine, you really get a glimpse of  life, history, and the experience of both living in Newfoundland and traveling abroad as a Newfoundlander. 

Our goal when working on the social media for the magazine then was simple: to reach a wider audience by getting the words and art of NQ, out into the world in a digital way! 

We began our social media strategy by deciding what kind of visual consistency we wanted NQ’s brand to reflect - it needed to be as vibrant as the NL art scene itself! 

We carefully selected quotes from articles, chose paintings, and showcased illustrations from NQ’s many talented contributors. These elements became the building blocks of our social media content, serving as a teaser to entice our audience to explore the full magazine.

The results were beyond our expectations! In the first month alone, our efforts led to a staggering 10,000% increase in Facebook reach. This surge in engagement not only validated our approach, but also fueled our determination to push the content further. We continued an increase in social media reach month over month!  

In addition to great reach on Instagram and Facebook, Sullivan says the magazines subscriptions grew as well, in particular reaching audiences well outside of the province. 

“Rogue Penguin is a fantastic partner for NQ,” Sullivan says. “The design is top notch, the proofing process smooth and flexible, the people great to deal with and always happy to share and help us update our own social media skills.” 

As practicing visual artists ourselves, we Penguins were more than happy to work towards expanding NQ’s reach through the province and beyond. It was a task we approached with love and determination. We were fortunate enough to share our love for art, and are incredibly proud of the vibrant content we created. The results speak for themselves!

If you love art, culture, history, and literature then you should follow @NLQuarterly on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to find out how to grow your business presence online then get in touch with us! We have social media packages that range in scope to fit your needs and drive results.

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