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Portfolio Spotlight: Wonderful Whiteoak

There’s a big difference between a company that competes on quality and not cost. Excellence equals investment.

Whiteoak Construction creates excellence, luxury, and quality spaces, for clients who delight in simplicity and style, which is why they needed a home online that would show as well as any home they designed.

One of the show-stopping residential projects by Whiteoak

Delighted by Design

Whiteoak Construction is a father and son team who wanted to build something new.

The Montreal-based design, construction, and project management company had just rebranded - no easy feat when they were already part of a highly-regarded team who’d been building in the area for years. They were looking for a website to appeal to a very specific audience; high-end clients, architects, interior designers and others in the industry, since they work mostly on a referral basis.

Enter Rogue Penguin.

Mighty and Magnificent

We aimed to create an online home, which had all the class and style they provide their customers, oh, and it had to be provided in French and English. No problem.

We started - as we always do - with the website’s content. Typically, we’d use simple clear language with lots of cues for Search Engine Optimized content, but for Whiteoak, we weren’t afraid to use language that was a touch more elegant, since we were trying to reach a more specific client.

Remarkable and Refined

Our design was planned around the clean lines and effective uses of colour Whiteoak uses in its designs. Simple, audience-focused, and exceptional quality were our mantras for the project.

The website is also supported with stunning photography, provided by Whiteoak, of the beautiful spaces they’d created throughout their careers. Lesley frequently saw a new image and remarked, “I want to live there!”

Truly, she’d move into any of the spaces Whiteoak created!

When the project was complete, Perry Saxe, the president and CEO of Whiteoak, write us the kindest email, which we had to share here.

“The site looks fantastic!! Thank you so much to Rogue Penguin, for all your professional and collaborative efforts. You have most definitely achieved and exceeding our expectations.”

Our Shameless Plug We loved working with this forward-thinking company and you should reach out to them too when you’re ready to renovate or build a new home. And if you have a project that’s a little out of the norm, let’s Go Rogue together.

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