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Relationship Goals

I’m not going to lie to you. Being an account manager isn’t always easy. It’s just a fact of life. Finding an account manager that aligns with you, your business and your goals can be like finding a pearl in an otherwise janky looking oyster. Why? Because we know how to SELL. Ourselves, our firm, our business, your hopes, your goals … the whole shebang! We understand the importance of creating something which will put you out there and pull people in for you. The great thing? There are those of us that use our powers for good and not evil … and we’re here to teach you a thing or two.

Grab your wetsuit and get out your shucks. We’re going diving.

The Oysters

So you’re looking to up the ante when it comes to your marketing and you need a guru with a top-notch team to help get you where you want to be. Great! Unless you are in the unique position of knowing someone at a firm who you trust with your vision, goals, and needs, research is the next step. Either way, you find a firm or two and meet with some account managers (or in our case, Relationship Managers) to discuss moving forward. It’s a daunting process, and we know that! You have a goal for your business, and you want to see it succeed, but in order to do so, you need to find the right avenues to promote yourself and access your ideal customer base.

So how do you combine these things?

Step 1: Get to Know Them Like You Would Anyone Else!

Yes, you are meeting for a purpose, but it’s important that outside of everything professional, you get along with your account manager. If they don’t learn who you are outside of the work, then they won’t be able to fully understand you professionally. A quick trick I use? Whether or not I can shop for my client within a couple of meetings. Why would you go for red over the black? Is their style minimalistic or over-the-top? Are they more classic or modern? These may seem like irrelevant details, but they actually help to paint a bigger picture of the people you’re working with. If I’m confident I can walk into a store and pick out clothes or gifts for a client, there is a good chance that I also understand why they make the decisions they do in business.

Step 2: The Quintessential “Dumb Question” Conundrum

Yep, you read that right. And you know exactly the quote I’m talking about, don’t cha? In the beginning stages of working with someone new, things can start to unfold pretty quickly. You may have a ton of experience working with an agency or none at all, but either way there will be questions. Let’s say it all together now, shall we? There are no dumb questions. If you want to know something, ask! If we want to know something, we certainly don’t mind blowing up your inbox or phone with questions. If you find that you don’t hear from your account manager a whole lot, there’s usually one of two reasons why … and only one of them is good. Moral of the story: ALWAYS ASK.

The Pearls

The beginning stages of the process are vital to the success of a project overall. If your account manager has done their job well, then they’ll already be at a creepy level of understanding you, your needs, and the trajectory of the project at hand. If they aren’t, or if the fit isn’t right, it’ll be easy to tell. How?

Step 3: Get Cracking!

Your accounts person should be more than capable of recommending next steps and even creating a skeleton-view of how they plan to help you get to where you want to be. This means they should be bursting at the seams with at least one or two incredible ideas which feel like a perfect fit for your business. When the fit is right, account managers should make you feel AMPED to be moving forward and most of all … they’ll really get you. If you are able to find the pearls with this person and that firm, then you’re all set to move forward and make your marketing pop.

Deep sea diving isn’t for everyone. There are a ton of questions you need to answer before you decide to suit up and take the plunge. If (or when) you do, don’t fret. The water isn’t that bad. Besides, who better to help than a Penguin?

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