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The Porches: A Sunset Symphony in Suburban Newfoundland

The Porches is a luxurious residential area that combines modernity with quality, offering a breathtaking ocean view. Each home is a testament to expert craftsmanship, adorned with top-of-the-line finishes. What sets The Porches apart is not only the quality of its homes but also the promise of a unique lifestyle, a tight-knit community, and stunning sunsets. We were tasked with capturing this feeling when we were approached to create a logo for this beautiful and upcoming neighborhood.

The Porches Logo includes an icon showing a round abstract sunrise

Icon Development:

This daily spectacle is the inspiration behind the logo, in particular the stylized sphere—an abstract symbol of the ocean’s embrace of the sun each evening. The waves within the sphere suggest movement and change, reflecting the dynamic nature of the community and the ever-changing sky. The sphere itself is a universal symbol of wholeness and unity, encapsulating the community spirit of The Porches.

Colour Palette:

The colour palette is a thoughtful selection that captures the essence of the neighbourhood’s environment. The blue hints at the depth of the sea and the transition to orange and yellow mirrors the breathtaking sunsets, symbolizing warmth, and energy. The black and grey used for the text ground the logo, providing a solid foundation contrasting beautifully with the vibrancy of the sphere.

Real estate signage saying Porch in Progress

Font Choice:

The logo features a bold, sans-serif typeface that exudes modernity and strength. The choice of capital letters for “THE PORCHES” signifies stability and prominence, mirroring the quality architecture of the homes. The font is straightforward yet sophisticated, ensuring legibility and impact, much like the houses it represents.

An ad design showing modern homes and a tagline of where your builder is your neighbour

Construction of the Logo:

The construction of the logo is a harmonious blend of font, colour, and icon. The sphere is positioned to balance the text, creating a visual anchor. The wavy lines within the sphere are designed to lead the eye around the logo, fostering a sense of motion and life and the text, “YOUR BUILDER IS YOUR NEIGHBOUR,” is placed strategically below the main title to emphasize the builder’s personal investment in the community.

The Tagline:

“Your Builder Is Your Neighbour,” is a commitment and tells a story of builders who don’t just construct houses—they build homes. They are not faceless entities; they are neighbours, invested in the community, ensuring that every beam, brick, and nail stands for quality.

Need Help With Your Brand?

At the core of any brand lies its logo, which narrates the story of who the brand is and what it stands for. If you're looking to build a brand identity that reflects the essence of your business, then get in touch with us. Let's work together to create a brand identity that's as well built as the homes at The Porches.

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