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Trendy Talk: How to Incorporate Trends in Your Marketing

Having a little Giiiiiirl Diiiiiner? Buying yourself a little treat and doing some Girl Math to justify the purchase? Or maybe you’ve spent a little too much time thinking about the Roman Empire lately? Are you Just Ken or Just Pete?

OK, OK. That’s enough. You HAVE to know what we’re talking about by now: the TikTok trends we can’t get enough of. Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon and use one of those trending sounds or topics to get your business a little exposure? Hold the phone, at least until you read our best tips for using trends to market your business.

Keep it Classy

Sure we’re all doing it for the clicks, but is the trend you want to pick up on right for your business? Girl Dinner totally works for a meal delivery service, but may not work for a construction company. If you’re a pretty buttoned-up professional company, dance videos with trending songs may not be appropriate, but if you’re a fun-loving law firm, having a discussion about who’s legally responsible for the damage done by the Avengers defending a city from an alien invasion is kinda hilarious.

Consider whether the trend works for your brand and your voice with a good gut check before recording.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Trends come and go quickly on social media. Sure people were wondering what the girl version of the Roman Empire was three weeks ago, but they ain’t talking about it now! So, if you’re going to do something about it, do it now. This kind of marketing doesn’t reward those who take their time. If you aren’t seeing posts about the trend on TikTok for about a week - know that this trend is dead and in the internet ether for all eternity. (RIP Bones or No Bones day and for that matter RIP Noodle the Pug.)

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t hate us, but this is some real talk here: The likelihood of your video going viral - especially if it’s based on a trend - isn’t high. What’s more important is getting your content viewed by the people who need to see it. This means it’s more important to get your content out than to make sure it’s perfect. Misspoke a single word, but the rest of the video is great? Post it. Spot a hair flyaway after recording? Post it. Unless you’re actively falling down … no, actually you should post that too, just not to your business page. People love that stuff.

Post your stuff. Done is better than not; there’s no such thing as perfection.

Tag Your Work

You know the importance of hashtags on Instagram, but TikTok is a little different. Yes, people are absolutely searching for hashtags on TikTok, but you have to be MUCH more choosy about which ones you’re adding to your videos. If your entire post section is just a series of hashtags, you’re not communicating your message effectively. Get specific when recreating a trend by using the original hashtags and tagging the original trend creator - which gives credit where it’s due: a welcome thing online.

Finally, Brand It - Tastefully

One little tip that’s got nothing to do with the trends is to try to include your brand where you can. Sure your user name is going to include your business, but consider including some subtle branding. Can you get some signage in the background of your video? Great. Do you have brand colours or branded swag you really like to wear? That’s awesome. It’s tough to get your branding into your videos online and formal slides and logos can be awkward to add without extensive edits and a little expertise about where to place them, so finding subtle ways to include your branding is a great way to hype your business.

Need Help?

Are you having a tough time coming up with ideas about what to post? Need help doing that subtle branding? Wondering how to frame or edit your videos? We have all the tips and tricks and want to share them with you in a quick chat. Get in touch to talk TikTok trends, reels, and so much more social media stuff. We’re here to help!

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