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Wave of the Future: WinSETT Rebrand and Website Feature

How do you represent a massive, country-wide initiative, representing a significant change in several industries, and directed at more than half the population? Well that was the challenge when WinSETT, long-time clients of Rogue Penguin, came to us looking to refresh their brand and online presence.

In case you didn’t know, WinSETT is short for the Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades, and Technology - a total mouthful; but also a key initiative creating space for women and gender-diverse folks in industries they’ve typically been shut out of. It’s a tall order for a volunteer board of directors, who have created some of the best training tools and hired some of the most talented and skilled facilitators in the country to help them change the world for the better.

Making Waves

But let us back up, WinSETT began as a national, non-profit in 2010 after women in science and engineering, tech, and the trades got together to talk about barriers to their success in their industries. The group vowed to teach women in these industries how to succeed, while also offering training to leadership within private industry about how to welcome these women and other under-represented groups into their companies.

They banded together to offer support, mentorship, and to empower those who felt like they didn’t belong. To this day they’re working to ensure that voices are heard and advancement isn’t just for the status quo.

The work WinSETT has been doing for the last 13 years was BEAUTIFUL! But the brand and website they’d created - in muted colours with soft, round, feminine lines just didn’t represent the strong, intelligent, diverse people they wanted to reach. So we helped them create something symbolic and beautiful.

While there were a few iterations of logos - as there usually are when you work with Rogue Penguin - including tech-based icons, as well as chemical elements, and even a fun cartoon-inspired wordmark; we all fell in love with the concept of a multi-coloured, multi-faceted wave demonstrating forward motion.

Turning the Tide

WinSETT has been making waves for 13 years so this logo made total sense. The board loved the dots - representing the multitudes of people who make up this wave of change, and the idea of a single droplet of water becoming something as powerful as a wave when working together was a brilliant metaphor.

So together, we started a swell of change, updating the social media channels, email newsletters, and other marketing tools with the new brightly coloured wave to represent WinSETT. The organization’s new website, featuring all of its online and in-person courses - as well as a robust news section, and sponsorship calls to action - is nearly ready for launch.

A Drop In the Ocean

We love working to support organizations which work to make our world a more equitable, kinder place and that’s why we were thrilled to have a little part in the change WinSETT is making for the future. If your organization would like to rebrand, develop strategy, or even just reach out to discuss marketing goals, we’d love to connect and show you how successful you can be when you go Rogue!

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