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Your Support Centre: End Sexual Violence NL Rebranding

What’s the difference between a victim and a survivor? To us, it’s the ability to not only overcome, but to learn how to thrive. That’s what End Sexual Violence does - teaches and supports those who have experienced sexual violence - as well as advocates on behalf of survivors, creates programming, and helps navigate the justice system.

The Support We Have To Give

Every year Rogue Penguin helps a community organization with the process of rebranding with our Brandtastic Contest. The idea being, these community organizations give so much to those they support, but often don’t have the budget or expertise to begin the process of rebranding.

We give back to the community with our special skills because we know we can’t give back with the expertise these organizations do.

In 2022 we received several awesome entries to the Brandtastic Contest, but we voted unanimously to help the Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre (NLSACPC).

Since 1977 this organization - initially known as the St. John’s Rape Crisis Centre - has evolved multiple times, as has its mandate to not only support sexual violence survivors, but to also prevent it from happening through education and advocacy. That’s a noble cause we had to promote.

We initially worked together with the board and staff to determine a new, condensed, and very direct name - End Sexual Violence NL. Although we discussed a number of options, this was the single most decisive and impactful.

From there we moved into iconography. Since the butterfly had been the symbol of the organization for many years, we had to show at least one modern representation of this symbol for renewal.

We also considered the symbol of a phoenix rising from the ashes and feathers were a brilliant way to represent this concept. These three feathers, standing tall were also symbolic of seeing the forest for the trees - gaining perspective.

We developed a sunrise logo with broken, golden streaks in the style of Kintsugi – the Japanese arts tradition of repairing broken pottery with gold – a metaphor representing not only a new day, but making something stronger and more beautiful despite the trauma.

Finally, we presented a simple clean circle, holding within it willow branches. Willows demonstrate flexibility - they bend but never break - but this willow is held within a protective, healing circle.

After much deliberation, the organization went with a modified version of the willow, which included saturated colours from the brand’s existing logo. It was a beautiful result.

Today, End Sexual Violence NL is continuing its incredible work on the front lines, in the community, and advocating at higher levels as well, but they’re able to do it with a great looking brand and new marketing materials. We couldn’t be prouder to help the organization move into the next phase of its evolution.

We Stand With You

Meanwhile, we continue our work, helping small organizations raise their profile. This year our Brandtastic Contest winners Northeast Avalon ACAP - an organization protecting and advocating on behalf of our waterways. We’ve already started working together and can’t wait to promote the amazing work this dedicated team is doing as well.

Are you looking to evolve your brand presence? Are you a community organization who needs advice? If so, get in touch with us, we love giving back to our community with the gifts we have to give.

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