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Rogue Penguin has three partners, one from each area of marketing; art, copy, and accounts. But don’t think we’re too small to do the work. Although our team has expertise in everything from websites to billboards, we’re also part of a network, which means we can call in other skilled big-picture thinkers when needed.


Lesley, our Director of Relationships, loves to help entrepreneurs create a clear strategy to identify and reach their goals and to leverage their most valuable resource – time. She has vast experience teaching and doing work with not-for-profit organizations and in recent years has become a social media and content creation expert. Lesley believes marketing is about making connections and now she wants to connect with you!


Alisha, our Copy Director, is an award-winning professional writer, making money for words for more than 15 years. She started out in journalism and has worked in public policy, public relations, corporate communications, and marketing, making her writing as diverse as the people she works with. Her passion is to help your company say what it means and she finds just the words to do it.


Our Creative Director Sid has worked on hundreds of awesome campaigns; winning marketing awards for mom-and-pop shops to oil and gas giants. He makes art that turns heads and has some meaning. His joy is in that “Hell, yeah!” moment of creative breakthrough. Despite never calling himself an artist, Sid has been named one of the top 250 art directors in the country.


Julia, our Relationships Manager, is all about her clients. She thrives when meeting new people and learning their passions. With a background in sales and marketing, Julia will not only tell you the “why,” but show you the “how," so you get your message out there the way you want. Looking to take the next great step in the marketing world? Let Julia be your guide.

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