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A barf-worthy complication of language

You know how we’re always saying, “we’re not your typical agency? Here’s one of the reasons why. Jargon makes me want to barf.

Influencer marketing? Barf.

ROI? Barf.

Sales funnels? Super-barf!

That’s not to say we don’t use these phrases, they’re often the best way to describe what we do in this weird, made-up world where everything is kind of simple, but needs to sound fancy.

Here’s a good example: I’m a writer.

It’s as simple as that. I write words all day long for us, our clients, to convince our potential clients to choose us. Facebook posts, websites, billboards! The whole of marketing depends on words.

But writer sounds so simple. So we have to fancy it up.

Fancy Nancy

I’m a copywriter. I’m a content creator. I’m a word ninja. BARF!

Why do we have to make everything sound so complicated? Easy. Everyone thinks they can write. And they can, but I’ve spent years perfecting this skill. Learning about how to make your website content talk to Google’s servers, learning how a properly placed period or comma can have an impact or help people understand.

And, not to brag, but I do it fast. All my years of experience and trial and error; all the continuing education and reading, it all comes together to make me a good writer.

Penguin Posse

Let’s look at Sid. He’s our Creative Director, a graphic designer, design guru. Ahem … barf.

Sid is an artist with technical skills. The psychology of colour, the math of typeface, the impact of shapes and sizes; these are all skills he’s perfected.

Simplified: he can make stuff look pretty with the use of a computer.

Ask the Pros

Sure you can write, and there are plenty of free tools on the internet you can use to make a graphic for your Instagram. But you don’t have 30 years of learning to tell you blue is not a colour you pair with food or that a deliberate word choice can change the way people feel about your company - for better or worse.

Sleek and Simple

And when I tell you that we hate jargon, we’re telling you something you need to remember about selling to your clients too. Unless you’re in a highly technical industry, it’s time to simplify. People have too much going on to spend time figuring out what you do. Speak plain and be real. It’ll make a big difference in how people see you. We promise.

Need help making it clear? Want collateral (stuff) that’s great-looking and makes an impact? Don’t want to spend your free time looking at thesauruses and hitting undo on that last brush stroke again and again?

Just go Rogue and let the experts take care of it.

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