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A Peek into our Toolbox (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Last week, we started a rundown of our favourite tools for business. Today, we're back again to spill the beans on what we couldn't work without. So, without further ado...

Three Wings Up for Glip

Glip recently rebranded to RingCentral but that name is so horrible that I refuse to use it. Despite the distain I have for its name, this app seriously rocks. We started using it about six months ago after deciding that we needed more than Slack. With this, we’re able to communicate effectively as a team, and assign tasks so nothing gets forgotten. Our favourite part is that tasks and events are organized on the dashboard in a calendar, which you can view by date due, which also helps us plan our days. Plus, it helps that we get email notifications if we miss a message, and the mobile app is pretty handy.

Lesley's Next Picks

HubSpot Academy - This is a great place to learn from the masters, and get handy certifications. I’m Social Media Certified, for example, and you can take courses in all kinds of topics regarding marketing, content creation, etc.

Pexels and Unsplash - Whether it's for social media or blog content, whenever I need gorgeous (free!) stock photos, I head to these sites.

Sid's Design Tools

Canva is a powerful alternative to the full design suite Adobe provides. Like anything, these things usually need an eye for it, but anyone can jump in and create some great looking materials that would have been impossible before.

Snapseed is an amazing photo editing tool for your phone, really takes that raw image from your built in camera and makes it look great with a lot of the same tools the pros use. Although they are the same tools, Snapseed makes it easy to use them and experiment.

Polarr - Although they’re similar, Polarr has a few other features that Snapseed doesn't have, so the two work well together.

The Adobe Creative Suite, and for me mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, are absolutely key for me to do the job. They basically make it possible to create all the things graphic designers do. Granted, there are other options out there that can take these apps place for cheaper or even free, like gimp or canva, but these are the industry standard really.

Invision is an app I used more when I was prototyping apps and websites for developers more often, but it was amazing to be able to take my flat graphics from Photoshop and have them animate and act like a functional website without actually building it. This way you see how your design works, how a user would use it, and how easy it is to navigate, quickly and cheaply.

What's in Your Toolbox?

So that's it, the tools we use nearly every day. Was there anything we missed? A key tool you use everyday that would help us out? Tell us about it or get in touch to talk about what tools might be right for your business.

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