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Badass branding or bad-ass branding?

What does it matter if your red is cool or warm, as long as it’s red? Does anyone really care if the photo is square or round? You may not realize it, but it’s the little things which tell you a whole story you didn’t even know started.

Once Upon A Time

At dinner recently I complained about the restaurant’s bad branding to my partner, who said he didn’t see anything wrong with it. (This is the same guy who thinks every wedding dress is just white fabric!)

But once I pointed out how the colours on the menu and table cards didn’t match, and that the fonts told me the food should be very fancy (when it was just a chip shop), he started to see where I was going. He even started looking around and realized the decor didn’t match what this particular chip shop was selling.

Sometimes it takes a trained eye to point out the contradiction, but he said he knew there was something off as soon as we walked in, but couldn’t put his finger on it.

It’s all in the details

Whether it’s nature or nurture, the psychology of shape and colour exists in all of us. We know green is fresh and red is hot. The eye is always taking in information and the brain is always processing it against what we know and what we’ve experienced.

When you stop to think about your favorite movies, for example, if they’re done really well, every detail will tell you parts of the story. An actor’s wardrobe can tell you whether you’re watching a comedy or a drama role, or what era the movie is set in, without ever giving you a title card to tell you.

Your brand is exactly the same way.

When you start your company, you know what you want people to think about it, but it can be a challenge to get that information out there. Your logo is a great place to start. What does it say? Beyond the name, what are you telling the world about you with that small piece of information?

More than you think.

Just Keep Swimming

OK, so how the heck do you do that? Tell people your business name, what you do, and reach all those customers you want to reach all with a tiny little image and a couple of words?

You download this:

It’ll walk you through the same steps we take when we’re branding a new business, giving you prompts to create a brand persona that’s real, fully-rounded, and relatable. Our book will help you with everything from naming your business to building an authentic look and feel, to figuring out your decor online or IRL.

Click over to our Shop Page and check it out and as always, if you need a bit more help than this wicked printable can provide, we’re here to talk you through it!

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