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Tough talk, guys. Big news. Big changes … Lesley is leaving the waddle.

This story starts three years ago when Sid and I were desperate for help. We met this awesome blonde lady in the Chapters’ Starbucks (soon to become her and my favourite place to take a quick break and shop for too many books we didn’t have time enough to read).

She was a firecracker, she GOT social media, she’d worked in an admin capacity at an agency, and she was cool with leveraging her wide network into business. But best of all was her first comment. Lesley said when she’d seen we’d started Rogue Penguin, she wanted IN. And for the next three years, she was!

Enter the hell dimension that is 2020 …

Life’s been a bit wacky this last year. Lesley’s partner got transferred to BC which meant a BIG move in the fall, the spring came with a global pandemic (crap), and through all of it Rogue Penguin was exploding (WHEEEEE!). It was kind of a lot.

As we planned and plotted our next five years in business, Lesley too was thinking about her future. Our plan would have to change.

So Long, Not Goodbye

Crazy right! After three years of laughs, and tears, and sooooo many successes, and a fair number of failures, we’re staring in the face of our greatest challenge yet: going forward without Lesley.

And before you start thinking there’s all kinds o’drama, we heartily say, (in the vernacular) “shag off!”

Being a business owner is hard, and Lesley has come across some amazing opportunities in BC. She wants to be more available to her partner and fur babies, and generally, she really just wants to make a change. We get it! We started this to make a change.

Lesley is still kicking around, keeping us accountable, and video chatting up a storm. She’s still in communication with some clients and she’ll always ALWAYS be in our hearts.

Rogue Penguin wouldn’t be the kickass company we are without her and we’ll never forget that.

Enough Fuzzy Stuff! What About my Projects!?!

SO, what’s next? Don’t worry, we got you! Rogue Penguin has been working behind the scenes over the last weeks for a seamless transition for all our clients, and we’re still rolling forward with our work with clients across the country.

As Lesley swims off into the sunset (in far warmer waters on the west coast), know that we’re still here for you and we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves (… flippers?) in the coming months, and you may even see some new, but familiar, faces around here.

Thanks for the times, Lesley. We’ll miss you … until our next video chat that is.

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