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Happy Birthday Moody!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

It’s super hard to come up with a name for your company, you want something memorable, something people will latch onto, and something they’ll talk about. But it’s got to make sense and tell a story too. It’s a tall order.

Did you know Google was a typo that informed the entire brand of the company? Co-founder Larry Page misspelled the number “Googol” - a digit followed by 100 zeros. You’ll see the tech company using all those O’s at the bottom of the page for more results and they check all spelling for searches. Google has since become a noun and a verb, which is quite ingenious. Let’s forget the fact that the company was initially called “BackRub.”

We’ve Got a Knack for This

When we chose our company name we initially thought it was a bit weird and quirky and we liked that, since our brand was going to be about doing things differently. But Rogue Penguin wasn’t the first name we were really passionate about.

We loved Team Knack, it was a great way to talk about our skills and it was a cool word. OtterPod was a contender too, since it was a weird and wonderful idea, a good way to describe a group of small things and sticking together, but it was too techy and something just didn’t feel right. We landed hard on Jackdaw tho.

Rantin’ and Raven

Jackdaws were the perfect metaphor, cousins of the raven, they’re problem-solving animals, who like shiny things, they’re intelligent and let’s face it, a high-flying, majestic bird as a mascot is just awesome. We got to work on logo ideas and a lot of them were great.

Hello Moody!

We sat in my kitchen and taped each logo onto the wall and narrowed them down one by one - what we liked and hated, what felt right, and what image told the story we wanted to tell. It was a labour of love. We’re still proud of a lot of the Jackdaws (a few of these actually appear in our logo catalog ’cause they’re just so good!). Fine Minds was a great second option.

But Rogue Penguin came out of nowhere and became what it is today.

A sweet, saucy, pirate penguin who may look a little tubby and silly, but drop him in the water and he’s as serious and powerful as any arctic creature (including the polar bear he lost his eye to).

We named him Moody.

Happy Moody Day!

This week is the second anniversary of Rogue Penguin’s creation and we’re so thrilled to be creating wonderful work for our clients and ourselves. We’re celebrating with this little peek behind the curtain and also with each other, cause Moody is filled with the spirit of all three of us.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

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