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Nice to Meet You

We told you a bit about our favourite projects, our favourite brands, and where we get our inspiration, but not much about what we do when we're not branding your business or building graphics for those social media channels. Here's the real deal about the days of our lives.

Who is the funny penguin?

Lesley: Alisha cracks me up and Sid often surprises me with his witticisms that seem to come out of nowhere.

Alisha: Sid, he’s so dry and quick-witted.

Sid: If the above does not make that abundantly clear, I don't know what will.

Who is the serious penguin?

Lesley: I feel like this is an even three-way split. We’re all equally serious, fun-loving, and laid-back in our own ways.

Alisha: Me. I think I’m the get-down-to-business, no chit-chat one.

Sid: None of us really, we can be serious, but I don't think we are serious.

Who is the most relaxed penguin?

Lesley: Sid. He’s cool as a cucumber and takes it all in before making decisions and forming opinions.

Alisha: Sid and Lesley are both such cool customers compared to me. I’m a bag of energy and nerves and they’re constantly bringing me back to earth!

Sid: Definitely Lesley, she always seems like she's got it figured out.

What’s your favourite thing to do you do when you’re not working?

Lesley: Watching Band of Brothers for the 27th time, reading World War II memoirs, listening to whatever audiobook is available from the library, or snuggling with my kitties.

Alisha: Painting, reading and drinking wine, or walking my dogs.

Sid: Usually playing some kind of game, be it video or tabletop.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Lesley: Playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on my phone.

Alisha: Lego video games, currently Jurassic World.

Sid: Stupid action flicks like Fast and Furious 67.

What are you listening to right now?

Lesley: The audiobook version of Jane Austen’s Emma.

Alisha: Radiohead In Rainbows Live From the Basement and a lot of Revivalists.

Sid: At this second I'm listening to the E3 conferences. Musically, Gorillaz and A Perfect Circle because of their new albums.

What’s your secret talent?

Lesley: I can carry a tune, but don’t ask me to ;)

Alisha: Singing in the bathtub.

Sid: I'm not really sure, I guess recently I've learned that I'm a pretty good DM (dungeon master). I'm also a pretty quick study.

Who is your role model?

Lesley: I feel like I just collect characteristics from cool people that I want to emulate. For example, I really admire Clara Hughes’ determination and perseverance. I also admire Arianna Huffington for her mission to promote sleep and wellness because I agree with her 100 per cent after suffering from burnout.

Alisha: My mom and Beyonce.

Sid: There's many people I respect immensely for a variety of reasons though, Shigaru Miamoto for creating some of the most iconic characters ever, Brandon Sanderson who can write dialogue that really captures you, JRR Tolkien for building a world unlike any other at the time, Carl Sagan for bringing science back to the media, and Neil Degrass Tyson for continuing it today, Stephen Spielberg because Jurassic Park still holds up today and it was released 25 years ago. There's still many more, the point is, you can't learn everything nor fashion yourself after one person.

Where is your favourite place to travel?

Lesley: Is there anything better than going to Europe? The history, the cobblestone streets, the architecture, the languages, the landscapes… I seriously love it and can’t wait to go back! Next trip, I want to visit Normandy, Brussels (again) & Bruges, Berlin, and see a lot of Switzerland.

Alisha: New Orleans, but Italy is next on the list and may beat it.

Sid: I have done far less traveling than I care to admit, but I imagine I'd love anywhere in Europe with a lot of history.

What’s your favourite family tradition?

Lesley: I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of traditions so I’ve started trying to create a few of my own. One thing I’ve started is a “Date Night Jar." At Christmastime, Steve and I buy each other gift certificates to put in the jar and have fun date nights for months to come. When we want to go do something, we choose from the jar.

Alisha: Anytime my family gets together I know it's going to be a good time, whether it's my nephew's annual Beaver hike, the Downtown St. John's movie nights with my sister, or a birthday dinner at my mom's place. We're always laughing till our cheeks hurt and that's what I think about when I picture my family traditions.

Sid: My wife and I marathon Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings every Christmas. There's nothing better than listening to Gandalf’s wisdom with a glass of whiskey!

Welcome to the Waddle

And that's us. In a nutshell anyway. Don't forget to find out more about what we think about being penguins, who we follow on Insta, and so much more in our previous getting to know you blog. Want to find out even more juicy details? Get in touch!

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