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Hey all!

Julia here, the newest penguin to the waddle. It’s nice to meet you! I thought it was about time that I introduce myself and get this blog-ball rolling. I may be new to the Penguin posse, but I’ve been writing for years and couldn’t think of a better way to begin than by discussing one of my favourite topics … music!

The Sound of Silence

How many of us are guilty of turning down the radio in the car so that we can see better? Sup. I see you.

And how many of us turn up the music a little too loud when “that song” comes on? Yep, there you are!

Music is such an integral part of our professional lives that something as simple as forgetting our headphones can lead to an overabundance of eye-rolling and total discouragement. On a basic level, music is said to increase productivity while decreasing stress in the workplace. For some it’s a major distraction and decreases focus altogether. But it doesn't really matter, because we can't work without it!

Get Your Freak On

We make make music a part of our daily grind, which is why we’re proud to introduce a new feature to our weekly social media line-up: #RogueRecommends

So what exactly does this mean? This means once a week (usually on Friday because HELLO #NewMusicFriday) you’ll get to hear what we’re jiving and grooving to. We all have pretty different tastes in music (or podcasts, if that’s more your thing) so your ears are guaranteed to have a variety of beats to get down to. We want to hear from you, too!

Hello, Good Morning

What song motivates you when you feel like it should be 4:30 on Friday, but it’s 2pm on a Tuesday?

What album do you throw on when you need to escape to get the job done, but not enough that you end up dancing on a table? Because let’s face it … whether you’re turning up a classical concerto or turning up at the club, we all need a little ditty to get through the day.

Get This Party Started

I dedicate a lot of time to music, but I usually don’t listen to whole albums. Weird, I know. But this week is an exception. For our premiere #RogueRecommends, I’d like to suggest the new Tom Walker album called “What A Time To Be Alive.” If any of you are CBC Radio 2 people, you’ve probably heard Angels a whole lot already, but I highly recommend giving the rest of the album a try. It’s fun, easy to move to and not so distracting that you’ll lose yourself. If that isn't your style, Coldplay dropped an album today and it’s promising to be every bit as … Coldplay-ish? … as you can imagine.

What has you moving today? Let us know!

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