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Stop It. Just Stop.

What’s a big business moment for a Penguin? When your stressed out, tightly-wound client sits across from you and physically relaxes when you tell them something they’ve been dying to hear. In this case, the message was: Just. Stop.

A couple weeks ago we sat down with that client. In advance of our meeting, we’d asked her to write a list describing all the things she’d done marketing-wise in the last year. This client is Type-A-mazing and wrote us a NINE (yes, one, two, three, four … NINE!) page list of all her marketing tactics.

You're doing what!?!

The detail, people! It was a great list. But on this list were 10 social media platforms she’d been updating regularly. We were flabbergasted. How the heck did she have the time to make her product? Or network? Or sleep!?

So the first thing we told her was to stop. Just stop.

Not everyone knows this, but any business owner will tell you, especially in the first year, you’re going to do EVERYthing yourself. You’re going to network, and sell, and make, and discover. You’re going to read so many e-books your eyes will cross. You’re going to post, and curse, and cry, and ... you’re going to fail.

Why bother?

Jesus, that sounds scary. But when you’re a business owner you know it’s worth it.

How? ’Cause of that first sale. That customer who becomes such a fan that they’re in for a chat or buying you a coffee cause they are so passionate about what you’ve decided to do. Or best of all, that first payday when you have money again and treat yourself to something nice to celebrate your success.

Of course, the next day you have to start all over again.

That’s what our client was doing. All of that. Every day. So we gave her, and now you, the best piece of advice we can offer. Stop. Just stop. Take a breath.

Now, think.

Plan with Purpose

Really think about all those things you’re doing. Write them down in a crazy-long, incoherent list if you have to. Then go through that list and ask yourself, are you doing these things because they’re helpful or because some stupid blog or e-book told you to?

For this client in particular, we told her to let seven of her social media platforms to go dormant. Maybe update them should her contact details change, but overall, just leave them alone. The fact is, You. CAN’T. Do. It. All.

It was that phrase that made our client sigh and lower her shoulders in relief.

Today we’re helping that client detox from her social media addiction and focus on a couple outlets that are actually valuable, rather than just posting everywhere! It’s given her more time to create product, more time to network, and more time to sleep! She’s ready to just stop and to move strategically on her marketing. And we’re right there next to her.

Need a Stop Sign?

So how can we help you stop? If you want a little help, we’d love to chat, to become that business friend who you can talk to and who can lighten the load. Get in touch or email and we’ll help see you through the insanity and celebrate your successes, because you know we’re doing it too!

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