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Strategic Relationship: Social Media Manager Edition

Even though social media has become one of THE MOST important marketing tools for EVERY business, social media management is still often treated as a job anybody can do … especially if they’re under the age of 30.

“Oh, he’s young, he can post some things to our social media.”

But social media is a complex and constantly changing world. You wouldn’t get some random to design your website or make a logo. So why would you treat social any differently?

“My sister’s best friend’s niece’s cousin has a TikTok. Can she do the Facebook for us?”

You need a professional, experienced social media manager to handle your accounts. Know nothing about being social on social media? Ask these eight questions to weed out the frauds:

An iPad, with online marketing as a graphic, glasses, and coffee on a white background.

1. What channels would you recommend for our business and why?

This question actually has two uses! The first will illustrate whether the applicant knows who your audiences are and whether they know where they play online.

The platforms they suggest will also tell you a lot about their preferences and experience.

For example, if they just say “Facebook,” you’ll know they’ve probably turned on a computer in the last 10 years … but they might not be the best fit for a multi-channel strategy.

You’ll also find out how much they know about your company and your current social media strategy. The more BS-ing in their response, the less prepared they were for the interview.

2. What goals should we set for each platform?

You’re not going to post the same content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. (At least, we hope not!) A good social media manager will be able to determine different goals for each platform your brand uses. They’ll also know “get more followers” is NOT an acceptable goal on its own.

3. How do you measure success on each platform?

If it’s not about the number of followers. Then how do they measure success? Use either your most successful, or least successful platform, as an example and pay attention to whether they talk about conversions and other measurable key performance indicators.

4. How would you use social media to generate leads for us?

This question will really separate the casual users from the social media strategists. After all, you aren’t present on social media just for fun: it’s another pathway to generate leads.

The best social media managers will be able to share stories of all the times they successfully generated leads from social media. Remember, it’s not the method that matters, but the strategic understanding.

5. What social media tools do you use in your personal life?

We all have our favourite tools - and the tools that make us want to set our phones on fire and never look back. If your social media manager can’t tell you why and how they use the tools of the trade, you might need a more savvy candidate.

6. How do you stay on top of changes in social media?

Social media is ALWAYS changing. It doesn’t really matter if they get their news from marketing blogs, discussion in online groups, or from the mouth of Zuck himself. What matters is if they make an effort to stay informed. If they’re not in the loop now, you can’t expect them to be on top of things when it’s your brand on the line.

7. What do you think is the most important part of social media management?

It’s called “social” media. Not “shoving our message down your throats until you get sick of it and unfollow us” media. When asked this question, the best social media managers will say something about listening or engaging with your audience. You want someone to build your online community, not an echo chamber for their own ego!

8. How do you deal with negative comments?

Dealing with trolls is an art form. Whether you respond with empathy or sass is completely up to your company's voice, but either way, a social media manager should know how to respond to these types of comments in your company's voice, without taking it personally or letting it impact your brand’s reputation.

Choose Wisely

Don’t leave your social media management up to chance. If you carefully vet your social media manager, you’ll be well on your way to social media success.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have time to dig through resumes and slog through interviews, hire a team who already has the experience, know-how, and strategic leaders in place. Get in touch with us and we’d be thrilled to help you succeed on social.

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