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So you’ve been to this site before and you see a new face. Who is this new girl and where did she come from?

Well, that’s Lesley Raymond and she’s come on to rock our world and yours.

What does Lesley do?

Lesley comes to us from Shine Media Group, where she was the founder and social media expert who helped bring her clients to social media success. She’s joined us to handle account relationships, which means she’s your point of contact whether you want a new brand or want to build an empire.

Adding Lesley to our team means we can serve you better by letting us focus on the work we’re good at.

Where did she come from?

Lesley started out as a teacher and has big plans to help you learn how to market your business yourself through new training courses that you will be able to purchase right here at

Like Sid and Alisha, Lesley also has a side hustle that makes work worth doing. She’s a co-founder of The Refresh Project, which helps entrepreneurs get away and work on their business rather than in it. It’s a cool project that helps entrepreneurs find space to recharge, meet others like them, and interact with coaches to solve issues and get growing!

Lesley has also worked with Easter Seals NL and the SPCA, where she helped run day to day operations as well as special events to improve the profile and fundraising of the two organizations.

What’s next?

Lesley believes marketing is about making connections and her perfect day is when she gets to help a business grow, so she’s in an ideal role here at Rogue Penguin!

Get in touch with her to see how we can help you grow!

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