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Portfolio Spotlight: Found Consignment Boutique

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I’m not a fashionable person. I used to try to be, I used to put a lot of effort into my clothes, how they matched, and how trendy they were. Then I learned about capsule wardrobes, about Fast Fashion - how it’s destroying the environment - and how having a handful of essential and really well-made clothes can take the stress out of getting dressed.

Fashionably Found

I invested in a few key pieces and lightened up my closet. Now when I buy something new it’s got to meet a whole lot more criteria, and it’s thanks to business owners like Karin Sgroi at Found.

I love Found Consignment Boutique because I never feel pressure to buy, it’s a great way to recycle my wardrobe, and it’s high-quality without the retail prices. Oh, and they work with community organizations I support like Marguerite's Place! What more could I ask for? Well, to be part of the company who built a brand new website for Found, of course!!

Dream Clients

This was a seriously fast turnaround as Karin was headed to a major consignor conference at the beginning of the summer. Yet, we were making the final touches on this site a couple days before she even hopped her flight!

Karin was great to work with, carefully checking every detail herself, and confidently plunging into our suggestion to design the site with a magazine editorial style rather than a traditional linear style.

And kudos too, to amazing Found staffer Hannah De Bourke (@photosbyhannadebourke on Insta) who shot many of the photos on a short deadline and with serious flare.

Get Down with Found Consignment Boutique

We love the new website, simple and pared down, with all the information you need to consign your luxury clothing, accessories, and shoes, and find out how you can shop Found!

Retailers Rock

Are you a retailer looking to build your online home? Want a simple brochure website like Found’s? Or maybe something fancier with all the bells and whistles like online inventory and in-store point-of-sale systems? We can do all that! Get in touch and let’s discuss your timeframes, budget, and style!

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