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Portfolio Spotlight: Jason Piercey

In a recent blog we talked about influencers and how using them can be either kind of icky when done wrong or really smart and effective when done right. What we couldn’t announce at the time was that we were working with one of these awesome community influencers right here in our own backyard.

Influential Instigator

Jason Piercey is a local real estate agent who’s known for videos where he raps about the houses he’s showing you and for giving honest advice about not quibbling over a few thousand on the price of your home. More recently, he’s been getting known for the dozens of other roles he plays in the community - from mental health advocate, to TV host, to emcee extraordinaire. Jason is a well-known name in the St. John’s area and has only been growing in stature since deciding to brand himself as an influencer a couple months ago.

Oh … and did we mention, he’s the new face of the City of Mount Pearl in this globally-noticed ad for the municipality? Check this out!

Knock, Knock … Got a Job to Do

Jason’s a good friend to the Penguins and we’ve worked together on a number of projects because of his other, other business, Dare Media, a media creation company he owns with the fabulously-famous-in-his-own-right Director Joe Dominix. When Jason came to us looking for a logo which represented not only his extroverted personality, but also all the lines of business he’s involved in, we easily came up with more than 14 ideas.

Gut Feeling

Now, for most clients, we never show more than four to six logos because choice is a dangerous thing which can cause dissent, and worse, delays. But for Jason, we knew he’d follow his gut out the gate. And did he ever.

We went from about 10 logos to three in one half hour meeting! From there it was tweaks ‘til we got the beard perfect and the colours on point.

Jason Piercey Logo

Solid Slogan

You can see Jason is happily represented in the logo with a modern-retro, signage style he can use on everything from business cards to posters when he’s hosting an event. Jason’s tagline - The Art of Authenticity - brings in his creative and honest voice to the logo.

Selling the Story

We wrote his truly authentic brand story quickly since we knew him so well and made edits over an incredible blueberry ale from a local brewer. We incorporated the name of his online real estate show The Ask Jason Show and ended it with a strong call to action. It’ll eventually live on his website, which will also host all the episodes of the show, as well as tons more content he’s creating on a regular basis.

Opinions Please

A couple weeks ago we asked what you think of influencer marketing - whether you thought it was a good idea to have someone influential promote your products and brands? When the influencer is Jason, we’re firmly behind this strategy.

If you need more about influencers, would like to hire Jason to promote your business, or want a list of more local influencers, get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

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