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Portfolio Spotlight: Newfoundland Chocolate Company Website

Chocolate - everybody loves it. Which made our job a lot easier when The Newfoundland Chocolate Company opened a box of mouth-watering truffles and told us they wanted to sell more chocolate through their website.

Heck, we would have built the website for chocolate, and if we could survive on chocolate alone, we may have!

So, our job was to feature the chocolate, tell their incredible story, and most importantly sell their products. But the Newfoundland Chocolate Company made it easy and fun, not just because everybody loves chocolate, but because they know their brand and made a couple great investments - namely in photography.

With many amazing (and saliva-inducing) images to choose from, the Chocolate Company set us up for success! Photography is the keystone of most beautiful websites, and way too many companies fail to see that. Seriously, be like the Newfoundland Chocolate Company and hire a professional photographer. It's a moderate expense in the long run and will pay off for years.

(Pro Tip: Don’t log on this website if you’re hungry or on a diet. Seriously, you’ll spend a fortune and need a belt extender.)

Buying Chocolate Online Should be Illegal

The site is looking good, the photography is on point, the user interface meets standards we know and love, and the experience is easy and beautiful. However, now we need the poor, chocolate-entranced user to buy some!

That said, the process has to be simple and flow from point to point, allowing you to select your delectable treat(s), tossing them all in the virtual cart, checking out, and getting that sweet, sweet order confirmation email.

All these things have to come together, and thankfully the days of that being an overwhelming and overly expensive endeavour are over. Website DIY apps like Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace make it so anyone can make a beautiful online shopping experience. Granted it helps to have an eye for design to put it all together.

A Culture of Storytellers

Last, and certainly (in our humble opinion) the most important part of this site, is the story of who the Newfoundland Chocolate Company is and its culture. You can buy chocolate from anywhere - even ill-advised industrial sized bags of it from Amazon if you so choose - but what makes you willing to spend a few extra bucks is seeing the heart that goes into the chocolate a company like this produces.

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company's website sells this story on every page, with the mouth-watering product photos, colourful illustrations, and animated characters. All of which showcase Newfoundland and our sometimes very colourful culture.

Shameless Plug

If you need help standing out with delicious design and colourful creative strategies, look no further than right here, right now! It's time to Go Rogue!

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